Making simple
is even simpler
Use the Web forms with your own css styles of your website.We’ll give you only safe code and no ads!

QForm — web form designer

QuickForm service allows you to create quickly a feedback form for your visitors.
Using an intuitive interface You can create a spam-protected form in 5 minutes and embed it in your own website design.
Exactly for first-timedevelopers Since QFormfrees you from programming and allows you to customize the fields and involvethird-party services
Looks like you conceived the idea Nobody willnotice the operation of a third-party widget, everything will work on your CSS!
Convenient acceptance of requests You can receive requests on yourmail, in your own CRM system, and in our service. You can set up notifications in the form of sms or immediately receive incoming calls to your phone
The script generates and gives HTML
code with the necessary styles
You use it in a convenient place on the site

Some opportunities

Works on all CMS
No matter what the site is written on, you need to insert just a couple of lines of code in the right place.
Does not require skills
If you are not a developer, you can use the standard form design and easily customize the fields you need.
Protected from spam bycaptcha, by intelligent spam filters, by stop words and IP addresses blocking. You will be able to set up your own filters and forget about the garbage that is sent to your email.
Integration with services
Easy integration with CRM and mailing services.
Definition of sources
The analysissystem automatically determines the source of the application and allows you to analyze the channels of your advertising (proxying of requests)
Data handling
For small businesses it will be convenient to process requests directly in the system, using statuses and filters for searching
Conforms tolegislation
Considers all the features of the FZ-152. Specify your own model or user agreements.
Your own CSS
Specify the classes in the field settings and appearance settings through your css file
Use of Yandex and Google goals
Set goals for Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics based on the form submitted. In a couple of clicks
Modern technologies
We use modern programming languages, which allows us to withstand the load and instantly rebuild forms on your sites. Everything works only on HTTPS


What the standard forms
look like:

But they can be anything:


Prices and tariffs

  • tariff Free


What is the free tariff constrained?
By nothing. You use the full version of the service and the online support completely free of charge. The service on a fee basis is in the planning stage and will not affect the users who already works with us.
Why do we need other contact forms?
There no need! Everybody is using the QuickForm!